hardtails1In one word: Simplicity

The above is my beloved, All-terrain, all-mountain, all-you -can-do, all-weather, all-purpose, “All-some” bicycle: – Zealous Division 29er married to a sexy Lefty Supermax with two sweet Carbon Derby children.

Before I begin, mind you , I do like full suspension bikes. The squish, the ability to damper all the trail chatter and crazily fast technical riding One case of more is good ie the more the travel, the better it is.

Even if you don’t own a hardtail I’m sure you already understand some of the benefits of having one – easy to clean, reliable, lower maintenance, cheaper, less grease, fewer creaks, less stress – but there a few more reasons to own a hardtail than you might realize


  1. “Less parts, less cost”

This is the first selling point right here. Hardtails are cheaper. You are going to get better frame and components for the money you’ve set aside with a hardtail. The main reason for this is because the manufacturer wouldn’t go through the trouble of installing a pivoting rear end as well as a rear shock. He also wouldn’t have to invest the money for it which would result in a lower end cost for you. Use the savings and get better component weaponry.

  1. “They are usually lighter”

The rear shock that we mentioned above, as well as the extra tubes and all the pivots are going to be stacking up the weight substantially. While manufacturers are going to try to compensate for this through the usage of lighter materials, the weight of a solution of the kind would be definitely greater. With a hardtail bike you wouldn’t have to go through this problem and your bike is going to be a lot lighter. If having a lighter bike is something that matters a lot because you like climbing the hill first, than a hardtail should be the choice for you.

  1. “Simple Simon”hardtails2

Hardtails are mechanically simpler because they have no pivots as well as other complications. This is the main reason for which there is a lot less room for something to go wrong. In the end, you are going to be able to spend a lot more time riding and enjoying the bike instead of maintaining and repairing it. This is also more reasonable financially.

  1. “You are really riding”

Relearn using your arms, legs correctly while riding.you will be forced to use th emost important
element of your body correctly..including weight distribution. You will start reading lines, get instant feedback, become more controlled and eventually faster.  There is no room for error and you will quickly release the mistakes you have been making as there is no suspension to suck it up. Tech poweress goes up big time. When you get back on the suspension bike..you will be a better, smoother rider.

  1. “Old trails becomes new”

When you strip away the suspension, “easy” trails are made harder. You are going to be able to test your own capabilities to the fullest as it’s going to be more challenging to handle the bike and the overall experience if you are riding a hardtail.

In any case, there are quite a few different reasons for which you might consider a hardtail bike but the truth is that you have to take your own personal preference into highest consideration. If it’s comfort that you are seeking than a hardtail might not be the best option for you. Go full suspension and enjoy that extra layer of comfort. However, if it’s primal adrenaline and challenge that you love than a hardtail is the obvious choice as it’s going to provide you with all that and a lot more.


Ride Hard, Ride Safe.

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